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Dr. Ann’s Very Best Tips in Video

VIDEO CATEGORY: General Nutrition Tips

4 Foods Boost Energy
Time: 2:19
5 Foods Dr. Ann Eats Daily
Time: 01:58
Artificial Sweeteners
Time: 03:10
Boosting Your Brain Power
Time: 05:06
Boosting Fiber
Time: 3:35
Eat Your SPF too
Time: 01:25
Energy Foods
Time: 06:24
Foods for Concentration
Time: 2:28
Foods that Fight Inflammation
Time: 02:44
Foods for Sexual Health
Time: 06:02
Food is Medicine
Time: 1:06
Healthy Dynamic Duos
Time: 02:41
High on Hemp - A Healthy Protein Powder
Time: 01:42
Power of 4
Time: 1:14
The Scoop on Soy
Time: 03:10
Whole Grain Goodness
Time: 01:19

"Dr. Ann has been invaluable to our administration's effort to encourage people to make healthier choices in their day-to-day lives.  Far too many people in our state eat the wrong things and don't get enough exercise, leading to a host of health problems that could be prevented.  Dr. Ann is a key part of our work to change those trends."
Mark Sanford, Governor, South Carolina

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