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Just Say Whoa! to Cancer
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Weigh Less for Life
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Ask Dr. Ann - FREE Webinar
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Conquering Carbs
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Eat Right for Life!
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Boosting Your Energy
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Take Charge of Your Youth
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Rein in Your Appetite
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Give Yourself an Oil Change!
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Just Say Whoa! to Type 2 Diabetes
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Dr. Ann WebinarsThe next best thing to having Dr. Ann right in your own office or living room!

Dr. Ann is one of the country’s very best wellness motivators and educators.  Her webinars offer a convenient, flexible, and cost-effective way for anyone to tap into her life-changing wellness programs.  Webinars are seminars that take place over the internet and simply require a web-enabled computer and access to a phone line or VoIP.

Are you a corporation looking to empower and motivate your employees? Dr. Ann offers corporate webinars too. Click here for more info.


NEW: "Ask Dr. Ann" FREE Webinar

Because it is impossible for Dr. Ann to respond to questions via email, she is offering free "Ask Dr. Ann" webinars to answer your questions more effectively and allow others to benefit by hearing the answers too. These webinars will generally take place on Fridays.

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Conquering Carbs Webinar $29.95

In this webinar, Dr. Ann will lead you through all of the necessary steps and changes required to do your carbs right. You will learn what the wrong carbs are, how they adversely affect your health and body weight and how to eliminate them from your diet.  Conversely, Dr. Ann will cover what the good carbs are, how they improve your health and body weight and the best way to incorporate them into your diet.

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Weigh Less for Life Webinar $29.95

With her signature passion and enthusiasm, Dr. Ann shares what the very best science tells us are the very best ways to lose weight for good and feel great for life. You will be motivated and entertained, but most important – walk away with take-action-today inspiration and a thorough understanding of the key strategies for lasting weight control and good health.
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Just Say Whoa! to Type 2 Diabetes  Webinar $29.95

Type 2 diabetes is our fastest growing epidemic and turns the human body into a metabolic train wreck.  That's the bad news.  The great news is that type 2 diabetes is almost totally preventable through diet and lifestyle.  And if you already have it, these same dietary and lifestyle strategies will help you manage it so you can maintain your health and vitality.  With this webinar, Dr. Ann will lead you through all of the key steps to just say whoa! to type 2 diabetes. 

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Just Say Whoa! to Cancer Webinar $19.95

With her signature energy and unbridled passion, Dr. Ann will take you through all of the diet and lifestyle steps known to reduce the risk of cancer.  She promises you will be motivated and totally inspired.

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Rein in Your Appetite!  Webinar $29.95

Appetite control is the "Holy Grail" for achieving a healthy body weight - NOT diets! The body of science related to hunger, appetite and what ultimately drives us to eat has exploded over the past decade.  This webinar takes full advantage of all of this exciting and "slimming" new data.  With this webinar I will guide you through 12 easy, achievable and delicious practices that will put you in control of your appetite once and for all. 

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Give Yourself an Oil Change! Webinar $29.95

Learning to do your fats right is one of the most powerful nutritional strategies available to improve and protect your health.  In this webinar, Dr. Ann will lead you through all of the necessary steps and changes required to master this all-important dietary strategy.  Doing your fats right can:

    • Slash risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Improve neurologic & mental health
    • Boost your metabolism
    • Protect vision
    • Reduce the risk of cancer
    • Slow the aging process
    • Reduce inflammation in the body
    • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
    • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease 

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Boosting Your Energy
 Webinar $29.95

If you want boundless energy, you do not want to miss this webinar. With contagious enthusiasm, Dr. Ann will share the key dietary and lifestyle strategies for fighting fatigue and optimizing energy levels. By building these stratgies into your daily practices, fatigue will become a thing of the past.

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Take Charge of Your Youth! Webinar $29.95

Based on the latest science 75% of the rate at which we age is under our direct control! With explosive passion Dr. Ann will take you through all of the latest and most powerful anti-aging strategies. This program is simple, fun, delicious and will leave you with take-action-today inspiration and the key directives for taking charge of your youth.


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> These 1 hour webinars each include 45-50 minutes of delivery by Dr. Ann and 10-15 minutes of Q&A
> Detailed instructional handout provided.


Space is limited!






















"Wow! You were not only entertaining – you wooed the Awakening Conference participants into waking up and taking control of their health.  Awakening would have been a success if it had stopped there with your presentation! Thank you! Thank you!"
Jan Taylor, Director, Awakening

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