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Eat Right for Life: The Family Plan
The Happiness Plan Seminar: Saturday, August 29, 2015; 9AM - 12PM

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Brain Health

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Brain Food for Productivity

Our body's most complex organ needs the proper nutrients to operate and function properly. In this article Dr. Ann shares the top foods for optimizing your brain power so that you can be sure you are eating to maximize productivity.

Feed Your Brain the Right Fats

The type of fat in your diet has a profound impact on the structure, function, and health of your brain, so it is important to include the right fats in your diet.

Superstar Foods for Brain Health

Learn how to take the best care of your brain by including these superstar foods for brain health into your diet.

Boost Your Brain Power and Metabolism in Less Time

Learn how high intensity interval training can boost your brain power and metabolism - all while involving less exercise time!

Too Many Carbs Bad for the Aging Brain

If you don’t want to lose your mind as you get older, you may want to pay close attention to your carbohydrate consumption.

Supplemental Omega 3 Fats Enchance Memory

While past studies have indicated that omega 3 fats can have beneficial cognitive effects in the elderly, a first-of-its-kind study supports that even healthy young adults can benefit by stepping up their intake of this critical brain nutrient.

Staying Healthy Naturally

Emotional well-being and mood are profoundly influenced by diet and lifestyle. Gratefully, the science supports a host of “therapeutic lifestyle changes” that can improve your mood and lower your risk of depression. Here’s the complete list...

The Happiness Diet

Key Strategies for maximizing brain power, boosting peace of mind, and reducing stress.

The MIND Diet

Here are the dietary hallmarks of the MIND diet – touted for its anti-Alzheimer’s prowess.




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"We've all heard it before, but few really listen.  Dr. Ann energetically delivers an important health and nutritional message to our company's associates in a way that they actually want to make changes.  She combines good common sense with fact-based, scientific evidence in a way that energizes, edifies, and enables anyone to take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.  We see changed behaviors and changed lives because of her compelling and captivating message."
D. Maybank Hagood, President and CEO, William M. Bird and Co., Inc

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