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Healthy Grocery Shopping, Part 2


(continued from Part 1)


Meat/Seafood – Restrict red meat and processed meats like bacon and sausage.  Choose lean cuts of beef and pork when you do.  Concentrate your efforts on seafood and poultry.


Eggs – Choose the omega 3-fortified varieties.  Look for omega 3 or DHA on the label.


Frozen Foods – Frozen fruits, vegetables, seafood, and poultry are just as nutritious as fresh.  Avoid frozen vegetables with added butter or sauces.  Avoid fruits with added sugar.


Grain Products/Starches – Choose 100% whole grain products.  Look for “100% whole grain or whole wheat” on the label to be sure.  Physically intact whole grains like brown rice, barley, oats, quinoa, etc. have a health edge over 100% whole grain breads.  Choose multigrain brands of pasta, like Barilla Plus or whole wheat varieties.


Canned Goods – Generally inferior to fresh, but the following retain their nutritional value:  any form of tomato products, beans, and 100% pumpkin.  Choose reduced sodium varieties when available.  Canned salmon, chunk-lite tuna, sardines, and oysters are convenient and healthy proteins.


Beverages – Coffee, loose leaf or bagged teas, herbal teas, V8 or 100% vegetable/tomato juice, water.  If weight is not an issue, 100% fruit juice in moderation.


Condiments – hummus, bean dips, salsa, tabuleh, bruschetta, guacamole, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, are healthy choices.  All vinegar, ketchup, mayonnaise (olive oil or canola-based best), hot sauce, mustards, tahini, horse radish, and light soy sauce are fine.  All herbs and spices – dried or fresh – are fantastic.  Select olive oil or canola oil based vinaigrettes for your salad dressings.  Avoid fat-free (too much sugar) and creamy varieties.


Cooking Oil – Your best choices are extra virgin olive oil and canola oil.  Nut-based oils (walnut, sesame, etc) are also healthy choices if called for in recipes.  Canola-based pan sprays are wonderful.


Cereals – To make a healthy selection, check the label for 5 grains or more of fiber and 10 grams or less of sugar per serving.



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