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Fast Food and Travel Eating


Eating healthy while traveling can be quite the challenge - especially with so many unhealthy options available. Here are some tips and facts to keep in mind when eating out.


If you have to eat fast food, here are my top tips for making the experience as healthy as possible:

  • Seek out fast food establishments with the greatest selection of healthy options (ie: Subway, Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread)
  • Avoid any fried foods
  • Go for sandwiches or wraps made from whole grains and add every possible veggie
  • Stay away from added cheese on anything
  • Choose entree salads with a lean protein added (grilled vs. fried chicken)
  • Avoid high fat or high sugar condiments - full fat salad dressings, mayo, heavy sauces, fat-free dressing

These are the top foods you should absolutely avoid:

  • Fried foods (fries, fish sandwiches, fried chicken)
  • Oversized portions
  • Full fat salad dressings
  • Biscuits
  • Sugar-fortified beverages (cola, sweet tea)
  • Anything with cheese on it

Instead, opt for these substitutions:

  • Smallest portions available - regular hamburgers vs. quarter pounder
  • Reduced fat/lite dressings
  • Whole grain sandwiches or wraps with lean protein (turkey, chicken) and as many veggies as possible
  • Water, unsweetened tea or coffee
  • Entree salads without croutons or full fat dressings
  • Fresh fruit side

Here are some foods that are actually unhealthier or healthier than people realize:

  • Many entree salads have tons of calories especially when you add full-fat dressing or order them with breaded/fried chicken on it
  • Relative to most other choices chili is a reasonably healthy option if available
  • Emerging (not conclusive) science that diet drinks can predispose to weight gain and metabolic syndrome
  • 100% fruit juices are loaded with calories/sugar
  • Loaded baked potato entrees can be loaded with calories






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"My folks loved the message and the messenger.  Dr. Ann presents wellness and a healthy lifestyle with unrivaled passion and energy.  She makes you want to swear off french fries for the rest of your life."
Art Lucas, Founder and President, The Lucas Group

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